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Dawen American Me CD

Brand : Dawen
Condition :  New
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Dawen American Me CD

16 Tracks

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Dawen is a soul/r&b singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. His music fuses the grooves of funk, soul, and r&b mixed with heartfelt and socio-conscious lyrics that appeals to both the emotions and intellect.

As a singer-songwriter, Dawen hopes his music will further the dialogue on racism and social injustice in American society.

Website: www.dawen.us
Twitter: _dawen_
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dawenmusic
Myspace: www.myspace.com/dawen


1. Welcome

2. Wake Up

3. Ku Li

4. Fresh Off the Boat

5. Hyphenate

6. The Americans

7. Never Again

8. Put Your Swords Down

9. The Predicament

10. I Hate Jay

11. Lament

12. Typhoon 8

13. Get Enough

14. Just You

15. Rusted Hands

16. My Cup It Overflows