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Yellow Brotherhood DVD

Brand : Tad Nakamura
Condition :  New
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“Like any good work of art, this 18 minute film can be enjoyed on several levels.”

- AsianWeek

“An evocative look at the 30-year evolution of the Asian American self-help group Yellow Brotherhood, the film provides insight into the past and future while mixing nostalgia with a great soundtrack.”

- Asian American International Film Festival

Awarded BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT at the San Diego Asian Film Festival, YELLOW BROTHERHOOD is a personal documentary about friendship and finding community through a self-help group turned basketball team that began in the 1960s. Filmmaker Tad Nakamura met Brett and Khi-min when they were six years old on a community basketball team called the “Venice YB.” As they grew, they learned that YB stood for “Yellow Brotherhood,” a self-help group formed by a gang called the “Ministers” to help youth get off drugs. Only later did they realize how the tradition of Yellow Brotherhood’s dedication to personal and political development helped them through their own problems and empowered them to carry on its legacy of creating and serving community.

The YELLOW BROTHERHOOD DVD will also include:

- Deleted scenes

- High School Interviews

- Other short films by Tadashi H. Nakamura


- The Dream

- EthnoCommunications Trailer