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Facebook Intervention Birthday Card by Fomato

Brand : Fomato
Condition :  New
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Facebook Intervention Birthday Card by Fomato

I'm all about reality TV now-a-days. Especially shows that focus on people and their real life situations and struggles. A lot of episodes of "Intervention" and "Hoarders." What is with that? Am I intrigued because I'm secretly "projecting" my own life experiences onto the screen? Hmm... well I'm not necessarily a hoarder... at least not in any extreme... and I'm not addicted to anything... well... I do think about coffee a lot... I mean, that stuff is pretty manageable... but that's what they all say... ok, I need to stop... ANYWAYS... one thing that I'd totally watch is if they came out with an Intervention show about Facebook.

(silence)... (people looking around at each other)...
(cough)... (ahem)... (people shifting in their seats)...

Oh...hmm... did I hit a nerve?

Yeah? Well, I’ll say it again. FACEBOOK! Come on, we all know at least a couple of people in our lives that could use a little eye opener. Like those people who play those annoying games like Farmville! I don't care about your Chicken Coops! Or those who are always scoring super incredibly high scores on Bejeweled Blitz! 620,380 to be exact! Or...or... Restaurant City!! Your restaurant looks like a baseball field! Whooooptie doo! Come on let's say it aaaall together.. Get some HELP YOU CRAZY... YOU TIME WASTER... YOU.. You... . yooooou... sigh...

ok, not you...

but me.

Ok, I admit it. I play those games.. sorta a lot... and.. and you might have received a few request to join my mafia… or to be my neighbor….... I'm sorry.

Sending me this card for my Bday is not funny.


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