Isul Kim EP

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Isul Kim EP


Armed with powerful, crystal clear vocals coupled with funky, percussive guitar riffs, Isul Kim is bringing more than just a new Korean-American face to the music scene.

Her definitively unique style brings a compelling twist to the "chick with the guitar" genre with her own brand of bluesy urban pop/rock. Born and bred in New York City by a hard-working yellow cab driver and a dedicated night-shift nurse, Isul writes songs that tell provocative stories through colorful & manic alteregos, amplifying a new American voice among her Asian-American peers. Her new self-titled EP, with 6 original songs, demonstrates her versatility in delivering blues, jazz, rock and pop.

Working with producer Joe Morishige of Uber Records, along with drummer/percussionist Zach Michels (corpus callosum) and keyboardist Dan Zemelman (John Lee Hooker, Plum Crazy), Isul's EP puts forth the best in capturing a polished yet organic live sound that's hard to find in pop music today. For more info visit:

Song List

01. Sunshine After Hurricane

02. Cigarettes & Heartbreak

03. This Fever

04. Tiger-eye Lenses

05. Mr. Moviestar

06. In Blue