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Danny Cho Comedy DVD

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The last thing I thought I would have in my hands after leaving a Projekt Newspeak board meeting was a stack of Danny Cho Comedy DVDs.

I get a lot of folks thinking that blacklava is a big company with employees and interns and a nice huge office kitchen with a shiny high tech coffee maker sitting next to the cooler. I'll spare you the details... it's really nothing like that. And these deals... they might seem like I'm signing sales agreements with lawyers and contracts and etc... but it's not that either. To give you some incite... here's how this particular deal went down.

8:02pm I arrive at Cafe Mak in K-town, LA. I was late 2 minutes..dang.

8:05pm Other people are still arriving so I walked around Cafe Mak and Danny Cho is there kicking back working on his laptop. I ask him if he'd be interested in the Blacklava Daily Deal. He said yes. I said I'll send you an email laters about it. Cool.

10:00ish Board meeting is finished. Danny Cho is still working so I talk a little more about the Daily Deal. He happened to have the DVDs in his car. I happened to have my handy dandy Flip MinoHD camera... and BAM. You're looking at today's Blacklava Daily.

Now that you have a little idea of the grassrootiness of blacklava let's talk about Danny Cho.

He's funny. For reals. Buy his dvd.

I'll say it again.

He's funny. For reals. Buy his dvd.

He's been on Mad TV a bunch of times and is also a writer working on a webisode series. You can hear a much more interesting interview with him on YouTube by Ellie from AAtheory.com. Search for “EMT: Danny Cho is Epic.” (sorry we're working on the hyperlinking) He's also has a ton of videos on his website: www.DannyCho.com. And one more time for good measure...

He's funny. For reals. Buy his dvd.

And please support the artist and support blacklava by tweeting, facebooking, and word of mouthing to all your friends whenever you can. This is the beginning of my call for support from everyone to help blacklava continue bringing these cool daily deals to you! Thanks!