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Heather Park Dream in Pictures CD

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Heather Park "Dream in Pictures" CD

"Heather Park was discovered in a quirky New York tale, an example of life imitating art in some ways. Park worked in an NYC deli frequented by the program director of Hot 97 who eventually got her demo into the hands of producer Steve Francis of Stush Music. Influenced equally by hip-hop beats and neo-soul sirens, Park’s debut album is an intimate affair as her understated cool comes across in every syllable she sings. The title track has a trip-hop twinkle and “The Life” is a mesmerizing statement with bits and pieces of an orchestra popping in and out. Park’s personal lyrics reflect on her experiences as a Korean-American but really she just wants to find her way as a citizen of life."

Song List

01. What We Do (intro) - 0:42

02. Dream in Pictures - 4:32 hspace=0

03. Your Woman - 4:15 hspace=0

04. 3 Meals a Day - 3:56

05. Didn't I - 3:50 hspace=0

06. The Life - 4:33 hspace=0

07. Baby I - 3:33

08. Understanding - 3:27

09. Is What it Is - 4:08

10. Keep This to Myself - 4:37 hspace=0

11. I Forgive You - 3:49 hspace=0

12. Leave Me To Dream - 4:25