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Janet Cruz Better Now EP

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Janet combines old world conviction with new world sentiment in "Better Now", a journey of self discovery for the everyday jungle monkey trapped in the big, scary world of uncertainty and self-doubt. Combining driving beats, melodic guitars and dreamy rock instrumentation with sweet vocal harmony, Janet's sound fits snugly somewhere between the Alternative Pop stylings of Imogen Heap and Folk inspired groups likeThe Sundays and Edie Brickel & The New Bohemians.

Opening up retrospectively (March of Time), the album journeys into celebration of youth (Better Now) and ancestry (You are a Child, Creation), while it searches for the strength of will (Write or Die, Standard Lame) and ultimately attains acceptance and faith (Roger That).

A testament to her upbringing in Chicago as a first generation Filipino-American, Janet’s debut speaks to the hearts of those who have left everything behind to chase those impossible dreams of happiness. Inspired by the underdogs of the globe, “Better Now” takes you back to that moment in your childhood when life made perfect sense and reminds you to hang on to that memory forever.

Song List

01. March Of Time

02. Better Now

03. Standard Lame

04. Write Or Die

05. You Are A Child

06. Creation Myth

07. Roger That