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JRicz Genesis CD

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Pas'sion; defined as a strong and dedicated feeling personified by actions. In one word, Passion is the driving force which enables Carlo I. Ricafort to pursue his life long goal of sharing his talent for music. Recognized by his loyal fans as "J-Ricz", he has developed the skills that embody all successful musicians. Every "J-Ricz" performance ensures quality and his trademark energy, composed of both exuberance and vivacity to guarantee a performance that everyone is sure to enjoy. As a Ballad and R&B artist his talents in music composition, vocal range, acting, and dance technique, differentiate him from other performers. Post-High school graduation, J-Ricz formed a group comprised of four other members, notoriously known in the Bay Area as "Next Phaze".

In 2003 the group introduced an EP album that redefined the foundation that created the original sounds and style of Next Phaze. Three years later their endless efforts paid off by releasing their first full-length album, Back to the Mic. After 6 years of a life-lasting brotherhood, the legacy of Next Phaze remains constant to their fans. As J-Ricz begins his journey as a soloist he is commended on his contribution to the music community. His strengths lie in the capacity to innovate and encourage those around him. It is clear to see that J-Ricz is full of heart and soul. He is a self-empowered individual that seeks the comfort of music as an outlet in life.

"This music is an embodiment of myself and my journey in this life of the pursuit of happiness. This is my passion. In two years of making this album, I learned so much about what I love to do and built lasting relationships with the people I've worked with. Each song represents a chapter in my life that transformed me to become who I am today. I hope that my music will inspire and help you throughout all your endeavors. As they say, 'love your work and you'll never work a day in your life.'" - J-ricz

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Song List

01. Beautiful Life

02. Close To You (feat. Jessica Lesaca)

03. Lose Control (feat. Reeks)

04. Life Time hspace=0

05. Alright Feat Young Rook & Dinero

06. On My Mind Feat Carlen Ocampo

07. When You're In Love

08. My Everything (feat. Niko Villamor)

09. It's All About You

10. Do For You

11. Yesterday

12. These Words

13. Hear My Prayer

14. It's All About You (Acoustic Version)

15. On My Mind (feat. Carlen Ocampo & 85 Mics)

- Beat Bumz Remix)