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Why Am I Doing This DVD

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The multi-award-winning indie feature comedy "Why Am I Doing This?" is out on DVD today! "Why Am I Doing This?" (which won the Best Feature Film Awards at festivals in Houston and Philadelphia), is about an Asian-American actor and African-American comedian who are failing in Hollywood while dealing with relationships, race, crazy family and making rent. The film has a great cast with many credits, which stars Asian-Am stars Lynn Chen (White On Rice), Sheetal Sheth (The World Unseen), Gerry Bednob (40-Year-Old Virgin), Dion Basco (The Cleaner), Tamlyn Tomita (Joy Luck Club), Clyde Kusatsu (Harold & Kumar series), and many more, as well as people like Emma Caulfield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek:Enterprise).

The Boston Herald called it "...a raucous look at life in Los Angeles for an actor," while the Los Angeles Times wrote: "...the microbudget aesthetic charms. Be it Tony's Ferris wheel date with romantic prospect Katie (Lynn Chen), the growing intimacy between Lester and longtime chum Nira (Sheetal Sheth), or a peaceful accord between Lester and his divorced, boy-crazy and hopelessly self-centered mother played to the vivacious hilt by Valerie Pettiford it's the more subdued moments that, for Huang at least, answer the titular question."